Publications (AI)

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    • A state-of-the-art automatic tool for:
    • Time expression extraction and normalization
    • Temporal relation extraction
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    • A new crowdsourcing annotation scheme for collecting temporal relation data more reliably and more efficiently
    • Achieved approx. 20% improvement in performance
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    • Incidental supervision for temporal relation extraction
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    • Knowledge-base encoding prior statistics
    • For example, “die” should be after “explode”, instead of before; “ask” should be before “help” instead of after
    • Mined from a million NYT news articles using Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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    • Structured Learning
    • Constraint-Driven Learning (CoDL)
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    • Image reconstruction/super-resolution
    • Compressed sensing


  1. Roadmap of word embedding techniques and how that leads to BERT [pdf] [pptx]
  2. A brief review of tensor decomposition [pdf]
  3. A brief review of graph2vec [pdf]
  4. A brief review of some bounds [pdf]
  5. Cramer-Rao bounds and its application to spectral quantification in MRS [pdf]
  6. A brief review of matrix derivatives and descend optimization methods [pdf]
  7. Gradient calculation for nonlinear least squares problems with complex numbers [pdf]
  8. A proof of the VARiable PROjection (VARPRO) method in Hilbert space [pdf]
  9. An introduction to one-class classification. [pdf]
  10. Qualifying Exam [pdf]


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